• Air Duct Cleaning

    Improve Air Quality and Get your Ducts Cleaned with Presto Restoration

    Our Process

    • Clean Ductwork, Supply Line, Blower Motor, Registers, Dryer Vent
    • Antimicrobial and Sanitizing Vent Systems
    • Cleaning Method
    • Air washing (good)
    • Air whip (better)
    • Power brush and air wash (best) - WHAT Presto Restoration USES


    • Air Flow Increases up to 38%
    • Air Quality
    • Energy Savings - 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted. Contaminants in the heating and cooling system cause it to work harder
    • Remove contaminates such as mold, fungi, bacteria and small particles
    • Will help with residents who have allergies or asthma. – Will remove pet dander and hair

    Does HVAC System Really Work?

    Yes, if done properly, HVAC system cleaning can improve the indoor air quality of the home or building and in most cases can improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. Common sense tells us that if you move the accumulated dirt, debris, and contaminates from the fan coils, ductwork and other components in a HVAC system the air quality of that home or building will be improved and the HVAC system should run more efficiently.

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