• Athletics and Apparel

    We do more than provide expert service, on time and at a fair price. Presto Restoration​ takes its cues from you.

    Our Product

    Are your kids in sports? Does their equipment and apparel smell? We have the product for you!! Stay Fresh Athletics and Apparel has the only water based residual odor inhibitor on the market. Instead of a onetime sanitizer, our product will not allow bacteria to bond back to the surface. It is effective against odor causing bacteria, bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold & mildew) and algae as a static agent.

    Pricing varies on size and the amount of equipment needed cleaned. Go to our Contact Us page to email or call for a free estimate!


    Hockey equipment & bags, Football equipment, Lacrosse equipment, Basketball apparel, and much more! We will take your smelly equipment for 3-5 business days and have it back to you smelling FRESH! FREE pickup and delivery!